About Avvora

Here to assist you secure finance, so you have the capital for your activities and goals. We cater for individuals and businesses who are committed to success, with a range of loan products and credit advice.

Loan approvals

Minimise costs

Specialist advice


To position our clients with a distinct advantage to achieve their goals

You are the focal point of our success. Achieving goals come with unforeseen hurdles and we stand by the few who remain determined to make their dreams come to life. Driven by your aspirations we provide support, resources and inspiration to match your commitment to success.


Seek creative ways to leverage our clients financial position to achieve their goals and simplify the process to obtain finance through technology integration.

The way we see it

We believe companies just like individuals have a social responsibility to contribute to build a better community for all. We’re here to make things better for people and help them unlock possibilities they never thought possible.

Why we exist

As most big goals and dreams go, you’ll need the capital to get things rolling. We’re here to connect you with the finance you need, so you can focus on your goals. We are commited to support individuals and businesses to prudently leverage funds to accelerate growth and reduce the time it takes to achieve their dreams.

The knowledge gap in finance

We back individuals and businesses who are driven to succeed and enable them to access capital on tap as they grow. With the desire for growth most will be pushing the frontiers of possibility and to help we’ll conect you with talented professionals to build your contacts and increase the potency of the approved funds.

How we plan to meet our objectives

Although personal finance is a critical aspect of life, it’s not taught in our early education. For this reason, we’re here to help everyday Australians build a better understanding of how to effectively use their finances to achieve their goals.

Our values

Every action we make brings us closer to a successful result. Our Company Values are at the core of our decision making process and what we do. This is what we stand for.

Act with integrity

We believe in being responsible company and to make ethical decisions, be honest and act with integrity at all times.

Get results

Undeterred by challenges we achieve our goals by gathering intelligence, use resourceful thinking and remain focused.

Inspire success

A key ingredient to success is mindset. We like to encourage and inspire people to succeed, especially when things get tough.

Share knowledge

We enjoy expanding the knowledge of others giving them the competitive edge to succeed and unlock new possibilities.


Ken Hew

Ken Hew

Director / Finance Broker


Ken has over 7 years experience in the superannuation industry with technical and working knowledge of investment fundamentals, insurance and superannuation legislation. He brings management experience and specialist knowledge in customer service initiatives.
Ken completed his Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) giving him a comprehensive knowledge of finance management and wealth creation. He has interests in property investing, financial markets and entrepreneurship.